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Internet Marketing ResourcesOn this page you will find a list of Internet Marketing Resources, which will help you grow you Internet Marketing business.





Web Hosting

Your Simple Hosting

Although there are many web hosting services to choose from, I would recommend I use them to host my sites. You can manage your own DNS and there is no restriction on how many add on domains you can have.

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Auto Responders

This is true today as it was 5 years ago, THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST. If you’re serious about running an online business you will need a good auto responder in which to build your list with. It is well known in the Internet Marketing world that you can earn $1 per subscriber. With just 100 subscribers you could earn $100

The 3 I would recommend are Aweber, Vertical Response and iContact.


Aweber is the best Auto Responder for your business. You can set yourself up with a trial account for just $1. Aweber is by far the easiest Auto Responder to set up and use. You have 100’s of templates to choose from when creating optin forms.

I would highly recommend using Aweber.

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Vertical Response

The thing I like most about Vertical Response is you have the option to pay as you go. This allows you to build your list with no monthly cost; you only pay when you send emails to your list. When your list starts to grow beyond Pay as You Go , you can always upgrade your account to a pay monthly account.

When you’re just starting out with list building you don’t really want to be trying to sell to your new subscribers straight away. So this pay as you go option is a good place to start.

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iContact offer a free plan that allows you to have 100 subscribers. This option is ideal for someone, which has a low start up budget for his or her business. iContact is not as easy to use as Aweber.  The optin forms are not as appealing on the eye

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I have accounts with all 3 of the above Auto responders. I prefer Aweber and Vertical Response.

Affiliate Programs

If you don’t have your own product to sell, then affiliate marketing is an easy way to start making some money.

EMFH Affiliate Program

I use Rapid Action Profits to run my affiliate program. One of the best features of the affiliate program is that you get paid instantly into your PayPal account. The way in which the program works is that you receive 100% of the product price for a percentage of sales.  I know this may sound confusing but let me explain.


I’m selling Product X for $10 I set the percentage of sales that gets paid to the affiliates to 80%

This means if 10 purchase of Product X was made with your affiliate link, you would get paid instantly for 8 of those sales.

The first sale goes to me the next 8 sales paid directly to the affiliate and then the 10th sale to me. The commission continues to rotate.

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Max Bounty

Max Bounty is a CPA network and is very newbie friendly. This was the first CPA network I was accepted in to, after being turned down by a few networks beforehand. The backend system is very easy to use. I highly recommend Max bounty as your first CPA network.

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Other good Affiliate programs to join would be Click Bank, Commission Junction, Link Share and Affiliate Window


Once you have an offer set up you will need to drive traffic to your site or offer. The traffic sources listed here I’ve used myself. is an affordable way to generate county targeted traffic. You can purchase 20000 visitors for just $20 I would recommend using this source for your site and squeeze pages.

Check out my post for setting up a traffic campaign with

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With Clixsense you have a choice of text and banner advertising. You can get clicks for as little as $0.01. This advertising is great for squeeze pages.

For a low annual fee you can upgrade to a premium account for just $17 this will allow you to earn more money from your referrals.

I highly recommend you spend the $17 and upgrade.

I think I might create an article about advertising with clixsense.

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Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are highly debated topic in whether they are a waste of time. The one thing you have to remember about traffic exchanges is that you must only use them for free offers, which makes them ideal for squeeze pages.


I use for my squeeze pages offering free reports or free traffic generating software offers. 10khits is an auto surf site that means you don’t have to verify every page you view.  

You can just leaving it running in your browser whilst getting on with other task. I know this sounds a bit backwards as you’re not viewing the advertising and other members will be doing the same.  

This is true there are a small number of members that do this but 10khits has around 50,000 members. You will get people viewing you’re offer. You can also post on the forum.

You will also receive a joining bonus of 10,000 hits after you’ve viewed 1000 pages.

I would not worry about paying for any monthly packages. Use 10khits a free traffic source.

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Internet Marketing Resources

Please check this page on regular basis I will be adding extra Internet marketing resources which will help you grow your business.

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