One of the BEST Unknown Traffic Sources that Very Few Internet Marketers use

Good unknown traffic sources can be very hard to find, but here’s a traffic source that is not known by many Internet marketers, which I’ve used it in the past when I needed traffic and quickly, for example if I need to build a mailing list in a hurry. can be used for other methods as well for example CPA, Clickbank, amazon etc.

If you’ve not done so already set yourself up with an advertiser account, you will need to confirm your account creation. You should receive an email straight away.

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Once you’ve created your account log in to to create your first campaign.

Click the Create Campaign

 Create Campaign

There is a minimum Paypal deposit of $5.00

 unknown traffic sources

As you can see you get the choice of proxy and also country targeting. This is only a small list of countries you can choose from.

For this example I’m just going to use Worldwide and proxy


I would use this type of traffic when I don’t need to target by county. As you can see this is very affordable traffic.

Now scroll to the bottom of the page.


Just click on the button to proceed to the next step.



Enter your website details, for the max daily budget I’ve set it to $7 this means that the traffic will be spread out over 2 days


Confirm the terms and conditions and also the refund policy


After you’ve made the payment you just need to wait for your website to  be approved. Website are normally approved within 48 hours. I’ve had my sites approved within 3 hours before.

Once approved, the traffic will start to flow. You can see the stats by simply logging into your account.

Please be aware I would not use this type of traffic for websites that have AdSense running on them. As you risk getting your AdSense account being banned. It is against Google’s TOS to use this type of traffic.

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  1. Ok, I ‘m going to give ago. I like the fact that Matt uses this traffic himself and has provided screenshots. It’s not often that someone actually shows you screenshots on how to set up the traffic

    • Thanks Rob, just start out small and increase your budget as you go. A lot of people don’t take action that’s why I’ve provided step by step instructions on how to set this traffic up.


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